Outdated PHP and Joomla!

Friday, September 13th, 2019 - General

It looks like a recent Joomla! update has enhanced the attention of the version of PHP that you are running the Joomla! script on.

It would appear that Joomla! is using a bit of a scare-tactic to try and scare people into believing their PHP version is out of date.

Joomla! will flag PHP 7.1 as out-of-date. This is not the case. As you can see in the link:


PHP 7.1 is still in-life and is still technically good until November 30, 2019. While it is true that PHP 7.1 is approaching end-of-life… approaching and being are two different things. I’m not sure if the Joomla! developers are aware of the differences between these two words.

We do have plans to update all accounts to PHP 7.3 before the end of November. And we can switch your account to PHP 7.3 now if you would prefer that. But just because Joomla! is telling you that PHP 7.1 is out of date – that is not correct.

Depending on what plugins and components you are using, you may run into compatibility issues with those plugins/components if you update to PHP 7.3. If those plugins/components have not been vetted against PHP 7.3 then they may not work properly. Again PHP 7.1 is approaching end-of-life, so the developers of those plugins and components really need to be working on making their plugins/components compatible with PHP 7.3 – technically right now they are fine if they only operate on PHP 7.1 (after November 30th, 2019 this will no longer be fine).

If you want your account switched to PHP 7.3 now, simply open a support ticket – http://www.amshelp.com/support – and we will be happy to switch your account to PHP 7.3.