Hotmail/Outlook sending issues

Monday, July 6th, 2020 - General

We have seen a lot of reports of end-users having issues sending emails to their email addresses.

This is the result of Microsoft (they own the platform) deciding to take a much, much more stricter policy shift in their handling of outside mail. We have tried to communicate with Microsoft about these issues – but we are unable to reach anybody at Microsoft that have any sort of administrative privileges on their mail servers or are aware of their own mail acceptance policies. We are an impasse. The conclusion is that because the users of are free and not paying Microsoft, then Microsoft has little reason to be invested in it’s operation.

Please note, we are not the only ones experiencing this problem. There are a slew of other users within Microsoft’s own Community Answers platform having the same issues and getting no response from Microsoft:

Results in – Microsoft Community

All of this amounts to this recommendation: If you are depending on for your email needs, you should strongly consider moving to a different platform. While you can always use email addresses associated with your domain name you have hosted with us, other potential email platforms include Gmail, Yahoo, and Protonmail. Microsoft may be blocking or excluding mail from our servers, but what other mail servers are they also blocking? How do you know you’re not receiving the important emails you need to be receiving?

Alternatively, you can try posting complaints within the Microsoft Community Answers forum. But I am also not sure if Microsoft pays a lot of attention to the complaints there.

I understand that this is frustrating. Believe me, it is frustrating to us as well. We have multiple tickets opened with Microsoft about this. We have responded to those tickets daily asking for an update or escalation. The last response we got from them was on June 22nd and that response seem to indicate that they would not be responding to us any further. Eventually we reach the bottom of our toolkit and the only recommendation is to advise users to move on from the platform.